Facts about House of Thembiso
Our Monthly Needs
- Nappies (Huggies Gold or Pampers) Size 0-3
- Formula (Lactogen I)
- Telament Colic drops
- Baby Shampoo, lotion & powder
- Wet wipes (Unscented), Ear Buds
- Electricity prepaid vouchers
- Snacks (for permanent staff)
Admissions - 158 Babies
Re-united with family - 24 Babies
Foster care - 2 Babies
Adoption - 121 Babies
Babies moved to other carehomes - 5
Babies at Thembiso at the moment - 6
Nappies, formula milk and wetwipes is our greatest need

Our Needs at Thembiso are extensive.  We are always looking for people with skills in medicine, fundraising, marketing, people relations, and maintenance, but our biggest needs are monthly material expenses such as nappies, baby formula, baby lotion and shampoo. In addition there are financial needs to be met. It costs approximately R130 per day to care for a baby taking all these needs into account. We do receive just over R300 per baby from the government. This is obviously not enough to care for the babies.

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